Why pay more for less?

High priced attorneys do not necessarily mean they have extensive experience and provide excellent services.
Is your high-priced attorney actually working on your case, or has it been delegated to a non-attorney staff?
Are you getting "attorney" service in exchange for the fees that you paid?

Get your money's worth......and more!

  • Personalized attorney service

    Unlike most law firms, it is our policy to provide personalized legal services to our clients, a significant difference which is enjoyed by our satisfied clients.

  • Honest and realistic evaluation of your case

No false promises.....we will study your case, explain all your options, and give you the best representation that is possible based on the law and the facts in your case.

  • High quality legal service...

Why settle for "non-attorney" service when you can get experienced and high quality "attorney" service? Attorney Hilda has been practicing as an attorney in the Philippines since 1985.  She is also licensed to practice law in the State of California.

  • ...at reasonable prices!

Our fees are fair and reasonable.  You pay only for the actual service rendered.  You may also pay fees in easy monthly installments.

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